Jack Wetherall

Jack Wetherall on the perils of wearing heels.
February 21, 2012

Nearly three decades after the original production of The Talking Band’s dystopian drama Hot Lunch Apostles at La Mama ETC, Jack Wetherall is teaming up with Loudon Wainwright, Ellen Maddow and director Paul Zimet, among others, to turn La Mama’s Ellen Stewart Theater back into the dark carnival they created for the 1983 production. “I’m a little nervous revisiting something almost three decades later,” Wetherall says. “It’s part of the 50th anniversary for La Mama, [celebrating] the great Ellen Stewart. She was the mother to us all and one of the first reasons I came to New York,” the Canadian-born actor shares. “It’s a very tough piece. It’s a very rough piece. It’s a lot of fun for an audience, but you know I have to do a striptease, and I have to play Christ. I have to assume a lot of stuff that when I was younger and more foolish I was able to do with a certain kind of blind courage,” the Queer as Folk alum says. What sorts of things, you ask? “I had to go to Payless Shoes and buy myself a pair of high heels. I’ve been walking around the house with spike heels. I gotta tell you I thought I was in shape, but you put those shoes on and my knees and my thighs are killing me!”

—Hot Lunch Apostles at Ellen Stewart Theater at La Mama, 66 E Fourth St (btwn Bowery/Second Ave), March 1–18. 7:30pm; $25. Visit lamama.org for more info.