The Year In Review: The worst in sports and entertainment from 2012

Did anyone really understand what Prometheus was about?
December 26, 2012

(The Last Smoker In America)

By now, you’ve probably read our roundups of the best in music, film, sports and more from the year that’s quickly coming to a close: 2012. Now, some of Next’s columnists offer up their suggestions for the worse in sports, film and theater from the last year.

Film: Prometheus

Yes, it was one of my most anticipated movies of the year but no, my dislike of Prometheus goes beyond just being disappointed. The film was borderline nonsensical thanks to a plot more unrealistic than the finale of Homeland and lots and lots of really really bad acting choices. "But at least it was beautiful," you say? John Carter and Battleship were pretty, too, and we see how that worked out. And at least John Carter andBattleship had creative choices that felt somewhat unique, not poorly thought out recreations of Ridley Scott's 30-year-old Alien designsForget searching for the meaning of life, Scott should have gone searching for the meaning to this movie's existence!”—Benjamin Solomon


Sports: Jeremy Lin, Tim Tebow and the NHL

“2012 saw some boners in the wide, wide world of sports. "Linsanity" died down as Jeremy Lin slipped away from the New York Knicks to Houston. The pontificating punter Tim Tebow was a holy disappointment to New York Jets fans (the ones who actually still go to their games), as the team hit rock-bottom in the NFL. The NHL became the "No Hockey League" as owners and players have yet to resolve their differences resulting in a lock-out and the cancellation of 526 games so far.” —Jeff Kagan


Worst Musicals (ranked by opening date) 

Ghost The Musical, Nice Work If You Can Get It, Triassic Parq, Fried Chicken and Latkes, The Last Smoker in America, Biltmore, Siren’s Heart, Annie David Hurst


Worst Plays (ranked by opening date)

End of the Rainbow, Ninth and Joanie, 3C, Heartless, An Enemy of the People, Heresy, Volpone David Hurst