What People Are Saying: Multimedia Platforms, Inc. Files For Chapter 11

How is it even possible that New York City is going to be without its own gay rag?
October 07, 2016
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In a formal statement officially released today, Multimedia Platforms, Inc. - the parent company of Next Magazine - issued the following:

Multimedia Platforms, Inc. Files For Chapter 11

New York, New York -- (October 6, 2016) -- Multimedia Platforms, Inc. (“MMPI”) announced today that it and certain of its subsidiaries have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, primarily as the result of an ongoing and contentious dispute with a secured lender. MMPI intends to use the Chapter 11 in order to stay the contentious litigation, which recently had significantly impeded operations, and as an opportunity to pursue affirmative relief and restructure its finances while continuing with business operations for the benefit of all creditors and parties in interest.

Mr. Bobby Blair, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Multimedia Platforms, commented:

 “While it was a very difficult decision to take this step, MMPI and its LGBTQ brands have a strong history, loyal following, and a very long-term relationship with its advertisers, readers and viewers. As CEO, I am 100% committed towards the continuation of executing our long term digital media plan to serve the LGBTQ community globally in addition to serving our community in the United States and Canada with a revised print publication business model that will continue to generate monetized content for our readers and online audience. It is management’s plan under the protection of the court to continue to deliver the high level of editorial, lifestyle, and entertainment content that it has always provided to the LGBTQ community. Maintaining relationships with all primary LGBTQ company stakeholders is the number one priority during our reorganizational period.”  

A follow up press release will be issued shortly from MMPI outlining revised magazine publication dates for distribution.

After various LGBT news outlets released the initial news that operations had been suspended after assets had been frozen, an outpouring of love took place all over social media for the Next brand. Here is what some of those posts said:

My deepest regrets over the suspension of publication of Next magazine and Frontiers magazine. These have been worthy gay pubs that have connected, entertained, and informed us. I recently had coffee with Next editor Alexander Kacala and he had some great ideas for the future. I'm sure he'll employ them elsewhere. - Michael Musto

A PERSONAL THANK YOU: To everyone at Next Magazine and Frontiers Magazine for all you have done keeping the community informed and entertained! I have been blessed with coverage in both publications, whether it was an event I spun, actual shots of me in action or just being able to see friends and colleagues enjoying events throughout the years. I think I speak for a multitude of people when I say THANK YOU! - Corey Craig
If this is true it is so sad. I remember the day I was asked to be on the cover of Next Magazine in 2011. That was the moment I felt like I had genuinely made it in NYC. It was such an honor and a privilege. If it's true, we'll miss you and all your shots in the dark, next! - Mitch Ferrino
RIP Next Magazine and sorry to all my friends who work, or have worked there. - Daniel Nardicio
Sad to hear Next Magazine is shutting down. I can't think of a more fun job in my 20s than editing this rag. Or inspiring. Sure, it was trashy, tawdry and full of hooker ads in the back, but it was also a time when gay life was still trashy, tawdry, and up for invention. All before the internet and Grindr ate away at our communal experiences, and better civil rights opened mainstream paths. The world unfolded itself in such surprising ways I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without those years. Yes, nightlife has its silliness and its shallowness and nasty side, but it is important. (Look at Orlando.) Telling our own stories is important. Celebrating our own queer outlook on life is important. I definitely didn’t realize it at the time, but being able to manifest my own fantasy gay ideals of what a community is into some sense of reality was an honor. And if readers discovered the best night of their lives (and got laid) along the way, well, that’s awesome, too. It’s easy to toss pubs like Next in the garbage bin (especially because they were free), but there was a tantalizing shared culture there, particularly for newly out gays discovering a life they didn’t know they could live, that I hope springs forth in another way. - Justin Ocean
How is it even possible that New York City is going to be without its own gay rag? I'm so grateful to have been a small part of Next Magazine over the last few years; here's the last big thing I wrote for them. - Robert Maril

RIP Next Magazine, Thank You for allowing me to be apart of the NYC LGBT history. Since July 23, 1993 this magazine addressed topics of fashion, life, entertainment, sex, and LGBT culture news, and was distributed to all NYC gay establishments for FREE. They informed the community and brought them together. - Leo Sweetwood

Queer publications Next Magazine (NYC) and Frontiers Magazine (LA) both suspended publication this week, though neither have been officially shuttered. It would be sad to see both publications go, especially Frontiers, which has been around since 1981 and which I wrote for (just a couple stories) in the 90s. Also, hats off to my friend and Frontiers Editor-in-Chief Stephan Horbelt who made Frontiers relevant in this new digital media age, and is living proof you can't keep a good bitch down. Wishing you all the best, buddy. - Richard Bugo Burnett

Thank you Next Magazine Frontiers Magazine for the constant love up until the end Being in the recent issue of Next humbled by ur support and love for all my queer brothers and sisters. - Boomer Banks
Very sad to hear that NEXT magazine is shutting down. Very few (probably) know this but NEXT donated quarter page ads promoting P*rno Bingo for years and years and were directly responsible not just for its success, but for LGBT orgs collecting thousands of dollars to further their missions. And, if that were not enough, NEXT has been one of the best, most reliable, most professional gay media outlets Ive ever had the pleasure of working with. I will miss them. - Will Clark
Next Magazine suspends publication, at least for now. What an institution in the LGBT Community .. I hope they reorganize & make it through. - Tom Ragu
We hope we make it through, too. For more information and updates regarding the future of Multimedia and Next Magazine, stay connected with our digital platforms and social media outlets. 

In the meantime, let us know what you think about all of this in the comments below.