We Will Rock You

With Adam Lambert joining Queen at the Garden, we couldn’t help but imagine which other American Idol contestants could fill in for fallen lead singers.
July 10, 2014

No one could ever replace Freddie Mercury—who is probably now working it in white up in heaven—but former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert will be working it out with Queen at Madison Square Garden next week, doing his best to honor Mercury’s memory and share the band’s music with a new generation. In honor of this collaboration, we wonder which other American Idol contestants could join iconic bands that have lost their lead singers.


Grunge legend Kurt Cobain left the world far too soon. His dirty, battered Chucks would be hard to fill, but perhaps 
it could be done.
WHO'D DO IT JUSTICE: Chris Daughtry has the rocker swag and the pipes.
WHO'D BE HILARIOUS: Sanjaya Malakar has the hair length, right? Is he still a thing?


Jim Morrison was many things: an extremely talented artist, a sex symbol, and a deeply troubled man who was gone long before his time. 
WHO'D DO IT JUSTICE: Constantine Maroulis has the sexy swagger and the voice.
WHO'D BE HILARIOUS: He may not have been a contestant, but don’t you want to see Idol judge Simon Cowell singing “Light My Fire” in front of the mirror?


While this group may have fallen apart years before Michael Jackson’s death, wouldn’t you love to see this tribute show?
WHO'D DO IT JUSTICE: Ruben Studdard has the voice.
WHO'D BE HILARIOUS: Melinda Doolittle and her crazy eyes singing “ABC”? Dreams do come true.


The world has been a little less beautiful since Janis Joplin passed from it and took her sexy, husky voice with her. Who has the wail to match this icon?
WHO'D DO IT JUSTICE: Crystal Bowersox was often compared to Joplin and has the voice. She’s really the only Idol contestant who could honor Joplin’s legacy.


Karen Carpenter’s battle with anorexia had a tragic end; is there an Idol contestant who could heal the band she left behind?
WHO'D DO IT JUSTICE: Clay Aiken. There is no other option. Can’t you imagine him in a Karen Carpenter wig singing “Close To You”?

Queen and Adam Lambert at Madison Square Garden, 4 Pennsylvania Plaza (32nd St @ Seventh Ave), July 17 at 7:30pm; $39.50–$149.50. Visit thegarden.com for more info.