Watch This Beautiful Moment When A "Finding Prince Charming" Suitor Opens Up About Being HIV-Positive

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October 06, 2016
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I am a mess right now!
I just watched this teaser on New Now Next from tonight's new episode of "Finding Price Charming" and I am a puddle of tears. To be honest, I haven't really been keeping up with the drama on the show all season, but the below scene is a must watch. 
Prior to the show's airing, headlines were filled that one of the suitors was HIV-positive and the show would deal with stigma around this important topic in our community. In reality, being HIV-positive is something very common in our community, so why this is newsworthy at all is also sort of shocking. But, it is what it is. 
Well, Eric Leonardos is that suitor, and tonight is the episode when he discloses his status. Before he tells Robert, he opens up to his friend in the house Justin, and what transpires truly is a touching and important moment. 
Recently, I myself had a friend come out as HIV-positive. They hadn't told me for a long time, and the moment they told me, the only thing I personally mourned was my ability not to have been there for them sooner. The second they told me, I knew I had to communicate the most love and acceptance possible for them, because no one should ever feel shame or be stigmatized for being positive. Hopefully as Justin displays with Eric, HIV-negative people do their due diligence to make sure HIV-positive people feel loved and accepted because they are beautiful - inside and out.

Watch what happens below:

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