Vincent Vega talks about the inspiration behind this week's fetish fashion shoot

"I love how when you put on fetish gear, another side of you comes out, that was one of the best parts about the shoot."
March 20, 2013

Vincent Vega, the photographer behind the dark carnival-inspired fetish fashion spread in this week's magazine talks about everything that went into the sexy shoot.

What was the inspiration behind the shoot?
A lot of things inspired me for the shoot, I've always loved to mix and combine many different textures, patterns and colors in a single composition and experiment with my visuals, so working with the dark leather fetish wear and incorporating it with a theme of circus styling really excited me. I think the juxtaposition of the Dark colored gear with the pop art lighting effects work off each other really well. I tried to bring editorial high fashion style to a more underground S&M-themed shoot and I think it worked well. I love the work of Steven Meisel, Steven Klein, Mert & Marcus, Solve Sundsbro and Mario Testino. It's my dream to one day follow in their footsteps. So looking through my work, including this shoot for Next Magazine, you can probably see the influence of those masters of photography. I'm constantly trying to try new things in front of the camera while keeping a distinctive style that is my own.

Where was it shot?
It was shot in a great loft space that we were graciously allowed to shoot in by Blake Tysinger. He's an amazing and stylish friend of mine and we had collaborated once before on a shoot that was another big favorite in my own portfolio. When scouting locations, he was one of the first people that popped into my head. I gave him a call and we set it up. A lot of the artwork and furniture that we used in the shoot was commissioned and found by Blake and his group of amazing artistic friends who all live together in the loft. When I work with them the creative juices really flow. I love people who aren't afraid to push boundaries, so putting really edgy and controversial elements into a picture with a classic feel was really what I was going for, and working in that space really allowed that to come out in this editorial. I hope we work together in the future, it's always a good time.

Did you bring in a lot things for the shoot or were they already there?
A lot of the artwork there was made by Blake and his group, and, of course, the fetish gear came from the very talented and stylish vendors we worked with to put the shoot's styling together. I can't thank everyone enough for being involved and lending the clothing, it all came together perfectly. We had enough clothing to create a real editorial narrative.

Did anything about the fetish gear surprise you?
Well, I think there was a bit of shyness by some, some of the gear is a bit extreme. (Not that I minded) I find fetish gear really interesting and it was a lot of fun to shoot this kind of clothing. The only time there was a problem was when we put the full face masks on some of the models. They were a bit disoriented, but in the end everything worked it.

Would you have any advice for a first time buyer of fetish gear?
I would say don't be afraid to experiment, and really let loose. Try things on before you buy, just to make sure it suits you and that you are into the look. I love how when you put on fetish gear, another side of you comes out, that was one of the best parts about the shoot, getting to see the models let their inner sexual being have a chance to be portrayed on camera, without actually having to be overtly sexual. The clothing did a lot of the talking in the shots which i love. That's the best part of a great editorial, the clothing changes the whole look of the model wearing it.

Will you be going to Black Party? Have you been before?
I'll be there with my boyfriends Franco Diluzio and Mark Lander, two of the models from the shoot! We love the spirit of nightlife and never miss Black Party. I've been the last four years. In fact, four years ago Black Party was the first big gay event I went to in nightlife, and let me just say it was a night I will never forget. It totally opened me up to the whole scene, the music, the outfits, the energy. I think Black Party is by far one of the most interesting, fun and anticipated events in nightlife all year long. I honestly can't wait.

Anything else you're working on or do you have anything exciting coming up?
I am working on my first music video with some colleagues for the brilliant rising star Dimitri Minucci who is currently working on his second album. He's an amazing artist and a great friend, so I'm very excited to be doing it!