Top 5: Furball, Drag Brunch, Queerball & more!

We have your best bets for this upcoming weekend.
September 30, 2016
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We list where you should be and when this upcoming weekend.

1. Furball

Furball returns for fall with go-go boys, cheap beer, and lots of hot and hairy guys on the dance floor tonight. More info.

2. Queerball 

The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre is thrilled to be adding a new show to their roster that celebrates LGBTQI voices and comedians! More info.

3. Cafe con Crema

Promoter Manny Fierro delivers with NYC's largest weekly gay Latino bash at Boxers HK -- this Saturday's Traffic Light Party features Belvedere Vodka specials.  More info. 

4. Drag Brunch

Epiphany is back! Drag Brunch performs two revue-style shows each week, opening with a big, choreographed number featuring the entire cast! More info.

5. Joey Arias 

New York icon Joey Arias returns to Joe's Pub with a 3-show residency in October.  More info.

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