Tales Of Coming Out: Five New Yorkers' Real Stories

Here are five coming out stories, each picked to represent one letter in LGBTQ.
October 11, 2016
It's National Coming Out Day!
Today is the 28th anniversary of this fantastic way to honor the coming out stories of the LGBTQ community. VideOut, a local non-profit, is building a library of those important stories where anyone with a camera and internet access can record and upload their stories directly onto their website.
VideoOut's mission is to share coming out stories with the world and support the LGBTQ community. They are a platform where you can share your story your way. VideoOut will exist in at least three phases: collect and share videos, learn and grow the VideoOut community, support and deeply engage LGBTQ people.
Founder Jordan Reeves told us, "Visibility is important for our community. It begets change when people see our common narrative. It's harder to legislate against people you know." Citing Harvey Milk and his words as inspiration for this project, Reeves had trouble finding these narratives as an 18 year old gay man living in Alabama. "There wasn't really a searchable library for coming out stories. I had to wade through a lot of content that wasn't relevant to me," he told us.
The organization has already collected over 50 gorgeous stories. Here are five of them, each picked to represent one letter in LGBTQ. 

L: Barbara Abrams, I'm Proud To Be A Lesbian

G: Roderick, My Attitude Completely Changed the Moment I Came Out

B: Amy Virginia Buchanan, Could Have Gone My Whole Life Not Coming Out

T: Sarina Bello, Living In Your Present Is Best

Q: McKee Woods, I Just Feel Like Me