Sports Quickies: November 2012

The month in local gay sports.
November 16, 2012

National Pastime: The NYC Wings placed third in the “B” Division in the Washington, D.C. Magic Softball Tournament on October 13 and 14. The awkwardly named New York Noreasters took third place in the “D” Division. Batter up! More at

Lion Around: The flagship team of the NYC Gay Hockey Association, the New York Lions, took on the Blizzard on Friday, October 26. They were poised and focused and controlled the game, melting their opponents 9–3. Fabulous Jason Fabreaux impressed his team with a hat trick. More at

Palm Before the Storm: Just hours prior to New York shutting down to brace itself for Hurricane Sandy, the New York City Gay Basketball League managed to get in their last few games of the weekend. The A-Division Boxers NYC cracked open the Miller Lites, who were led by captain Marlon Edwards with 22 points. Vince Moten led Boxers with 18 points and countless blocked shots, securing a 58–51 win. In the B-Division, both Eagle and Fenwick-Keats remain tied for first place as they cruised past their opponents. Eagle, led by Neal Huddleston (16 points) licked Bone Lick Park, 50–31. Fenwick leashed the Boxers 50–30. More at

ScrumDrag: In honor of the Gotham Knights Rugby Club’s 11th anniversary, the team hosted a homecoming game, putting together two sides in an A Side (Blue) vs. Old Boys (Silver) match of drag rugby. The calls were fast and furious with fuchsia dresses failing to roll away and purple-airport-carpet-pattern dress playing the ball on the ground. Final results: Gotham Blue, 10; Gotham Silver, 0. More at