A sex supplies boutique with a little something extra comes to Chelsea.
March 12, 2014
Next time you’re looking for a quick bite to eat in Chelsea, you may have an option that’s a lot sexier than your average Pret A Manger. 
Splosh Sexy Boutique (155 Eighth Ave)—which opened near West 18th Street in late November—appears to be your average Chelsea sex shop at first glance. But under the red awning and light-up mannequins, there’s a room full of chairs and tables, more akin to a Thai restaurant than your average lube stock-up destination.
That’s because Splosh owner Dumesh Kankanamalage envisions his new venture as more than just a place to stock up on sex supplies. The name is, of course an homage to shuttered Chelsea mega club Splash, and that gives you a sense of his plans for the store.
Kankanamalage, who also owns the nearby Rainbow Station, is hoping to turn Splosh into a multi-cuisine restaurant on the first floor, with sex toys, lube and other items sold below—sort of like an X-rated Cracker Barrel. Facing opposition from Community Board 4 on his hoped-for liquor license, however, Kankanamalage is forging ahead on just getting the restaurant up and running for now.
“I’ll wait for a liquor license,” he vowed, promising to “show my operation, and people can see what I have. They’re coming to judgment without proper knowledge of what’s going to happen.”
In the meantime, if you prefer your sex toy perusing complete with some sit-down time, head over to Splosh now.