Size Matters

The true measure of a man is how he treats someone whose penis is smaller than his.
February 06, 2014

The Bigger The Better: Trelino & Landon Conrad (inset) in Size Matters; Raging Stallion, 1-877-327-0707,,

ROD: 3.5/4 Splats
MANUEL: 4/4 Splats

ROD: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks—but you can throw an older daddy new twinks! In all four of these scenes, the older, wiser guy teaches his young trick how to take it like a man. And who better to start the teaching than Boomer Banks. How the hell did this guy wind up with a cock that big? I’d need a blood transfusion just to get an erection that size. When I look at Banks’ cock, I think of every little-dicked guy I’ve ever dated who had to suffer so Banks could have it all.

MANUEL: During one of Banks’ more aggressive moments topping, it finally dawned on me who this tall, exotic, horse-hung Raging Stallion exclusive reminds me of: Khal Drogo, the Dothraki warrior married to Daenerys Targaryen in HBO’s Game of Thrones. But it was Trelino, Banks’ boyish bottom, who got most of my attention. After wrapping his dick-sucking lips around Banks’ 10 inches and then getting his flawless hole tongued-bathed, Trelino squatted down in what I call “froggy-style” and took a seemingly endless 15 relentless minutes of Banks banging. This caramel hottie has thick thighs and a smooth bubble booty that would make any warrior want to unsheathe his sword and start stabbing.

ROD: I couldn’t tell if that was a look of ecstasy or terror on Trelino’s face. Same with the way he moaned—was he begging for mercy or begging for more?

MANUEL: This opening scene left me begging for more Trelino. Luckily, two scenes later, I got to enjoy Armond Rizzo—a petit but muscular young bottom with a handsome face and thick gorgeous jet-black curls. Rizzo, whom I first lusted after at Hustlaball this past October, is the kind of eager-to-please bottom you can manhandle, which is exactly what Trenton Ducati does.

ROD: I loved seeing big, buff Ducati grab Rizzo around his tiny waist and hoist him upside down so he could eat Rizzo’s little ass—without Ducati ever getting up out of his armchair.

MANUEL: Size matters, as the title says, but especially with hot little boyish bottoms like Trelino and Rizzo, size difference matters even more.

ROD: When I’m looking for boys who are shaved within an inch of their lives, I go to Falcon, but this is Raging Stallion, so one would expect their twinks to have a little more hair on them, like Seamus O’Reilly. This ginger has a furry chest and ass that Landon Conrad loved putting his face in. I loved Conrad picking up O’Reilly mid-fuck to try a new position without pulling out or missing a beat.

MANUEL: We also get three bonus scenes, including the Raging Stallion porn debut of French phenom François Sagat, in Hard as Wood (2005). Top Michael Brandon, not to be upstaged by his bottom’s gob-stopping cumshot, wipes up Sagat’s crème de men(the), re-lubes his own dick with it, and plunges back into Sagat’s muscle ass. And don’t miss the bonus scene from Port of Entry (2006), where Tristan Jaxx delivers a nine-spurt cumshot you have to see to believe. It gives new meaning to the phrase “streaming video.”