Sex Monster

In photographer Kevin Thomas Garcia’s exclusive photo story, three witches lure an innocent boy inside Nightmare: Killers 2 and transmute him into their hedonistic chattel.
October 23, 2013

Brandon Yanez as the unsuspecting victim


Photography: Kevin Thomas Garcia

Witches (from left to right, below): Ruby Roo, Digna Shei, Elizabeth James

Model: Brandon Yanez

Model’s Makeup: Joe Hubrich

Location: Nightmare: Killers 2 (107 Suffolk St)

Special Thanks: Kenneth Llambelis, Anthony Labriola, Dan Demello, Abracadabra NYC (19 W 21st St)

(Ruby Roo, Digna Shei and Elizabeth James)

(Elizabeth James, Digna Shei and Ruby Roo)

(Digna Shei)

(Elizabeth James)

(Digna Shei) 

(Ruby Roo) 

(Brandon Yanez)

(Digna Shei, Brandon Yanez, Elizabeth James and Ruby Roo)

(Brandon Yanez and Digna Shei)

(Ruby Roo and Brandon Yanez)

(Ruby Roo, Elizabeth James, Brandon Yanez and Digna Shei)

(Brandon Yanez)

(Brandon Yanez)

(Brandon Yanez)

(Brandon Yanez)