Off to See the Wizard

As they prepare for the Emerald City-themed bash, our Pines Party pals tell us what they’d want from the man behind the curtain.
July 15, 2015

From left: Pines Party movers and shakers Will Automagic, Guy Smith, Chauncey Dandridge, Maddelyn Hatter, Joe Roszak, and Brian Rafferty

Pines Party is always a magical event, but this year the Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association Charitable Foundation’s annual beach bash benefit is transporting us to the land of Oz! Ahead of next weekend’s Emerald City-themed party, we asked the movers and shakers behind Pines Party what they would ask the Great Oz for.


“Well, we all know that when you journey to ask the Wiz for anything, the thing you ask for is supposed to have already been inside you the whole time. But in this case The Carry Nation would ask for something we have often dreamt about having on Fire Island: 24-hour Chinese food delivery.”


“I’d ask the Wizard to give me his balloon so I could travel above everything in silence.”


“I’d ask for a time machine so I could rewrite the Bible and turn Sodom and Gomorrah into the hottest nightclub this side of Purgatory.”


“I’d ask for world peace… or the fiercest pair of six-inch ruby stiletto platforms that could transport me anywhere I wanted to go.”


“I would ask him if I could touch his magic wand. Anything that can give a man a brain, courage, and a heart is worth holding in the palm of my hand.


“I would clearly ask the Wizard for Madonna to perform at Pines Party.”

Pines Party: Emerald City on the Fire Island Pines on the Fire Island Pines beach, July 25 from 10pm–6am; $170 in advance/$200 general admission/$250 VIP in advance/$280 VIP. Visit for more info.