Rocco Steele's 10Seven

After a year of busting his dick, the 10 by seven meat slinger is hoping to invade your drawers.
April 26, 2016
In the two years since he filmed his first porno for Ray Dragon, Rocco Steele has made an oversized name for himself. Picking up awards for “Best Co*k,” Mr. New York and Mr. International through the Hookie awards as well as “Hottest Co*k,” Fan Favorite and Best Group Scene from the GRABBYS, the 51-year-old’s rise to the top of the industry has been nothing short of meteoric. And now, the in-demand daddy who launched his own X-rated site last May featuring homevideo-quality clips with a rotating group of talent, seems to be making an exit.
“Porn was always just a stepping stone for me,” Steele says, having filmed with the likes of Chi Chi LaRue,, TimTales and Lucas Entertainment in the past. “It wasn’t supposed to last more than a year. Because it got really big, really fast, I let it go on a little longer.” As of last month though, the Ohio-native officially took a step in another direction with his own underwear line.
Using his porn name Rocco Steele, the law school graduate launched his 10Seven line of boxer briefs via his online shop “I come from a corporate retail background,” Steele explains. Prior to his stint as a porn star, the 5’ 10” creative logged 14 years in the fashion and beauty industries working on the corporate and visual merchandising sides. “I always knew that I wanted to sell a product, but I didn’t know what it was — I just knew I wanted it to be easy to make, easy to ship and something I knew something about.” But it understandably took time to get there.
10Seven has been iterating in Steele’s mind since he left his corporate job two years ago. At the time, the untrained entrepreneur was already working on designs and had taken out a trademark for a brand under a different name. “Getting into underwear seemed obvious to me because I was approaching 50 years old and I was bitching and moaning that I couldn’t find underwear that was appropriate for me as a maturing gay man. I didn’t want to wear neon colored, bikini, banana hanger briefs that were out there on the market; they just looked silly on me and I didn’t feel comfortable.”
“We don't all have gogo boy bodies,” Steele continues. “We can’t all fit into Andrew Christian underwear.” For those that can’t (or don’t want to), the former Hustlaball performer set about designing a pair of boxer briefs that read both conservative and sexy. The brother of three sisters, he even called in his nephews for advice on what his new product should look like. The resulting design, which combines elements from some of Steele’s favorite underwear styles that are already on the market, features a medium rise gunmetal waistband that falls in line with the designer’s #bulletproof hashtag, a classic fly front and a cotton blend fabric.
“No matter what your build is, these underwear are going to fit you,” Steele says of the fabric. “If you got a bit booty in the back, the spandex is going to expand to fit you. If you’ve got a lot of junk in the front, the spandex and the fly front is going to be more comfortable because the fabric can expand and give you more room.” But eventually sketches weren’t enough; Steele needed money.
“Everything that I had to pay for came from a year of selling my dick,” the porn star explains, giving reason to his months of fucking on film with his own 10 by seven. “Just like a year of traveling the world, doing shows, doing videos, escorting; just a full year of literally busting my dick and the whole time I was putting everything away.” The fruits of that labor are still blossoming as even though no new work has been filmed for his site, and money for the production of that has been funneled into producing underwear, the site still pulls in revenue.
“I’ll never be out of the business completely, I’ll always have a connection,” Steele explains. “Every once in awhile I get a call from Falcon and I love shooting for them so I will always say yes to Falcon if they knock on my door, but I’m done for the most part with shooting.”
“Merchandise, specifically my underwear, is the new chapter in my life. I want Rocco to be known as the former porn guy who now does underwear.” And with orders coming in as far flung as Saudi Arabia, and a brief style expected to hit come late summer, he’s definitely hot on that path.