Parker Posey Seen Backstage At Lady Bunny's 'Trans-Jester' Trying To Get Up In That Gig

Well, these two are a match made in heaven!
September 07, 2016

Lady Bunny faxed us earlier this week while giving hand jobs to strippers in Miami with photographic evidence that Parker Posey is trying to get on the next season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Or as Bunny calls it - RuPaul's Dog Race. 

Bunny is back at it with her hit show "Trans-Jester" at The Stonewall Inn that left audiences the first time around with an extremely rare case of scabies. Bunny has widened her repertoire to include insightful social commentary. Targeting the current overemphasis on political correctness, Bunny breaks down some of the latest buzzwords that we're all supposed to remember for every for every occasion as we "evolve."

They were backstage at 'Trans-Jester' when Posey tried putting on a few of Bunny's wigs - only to realize they were full of cocaine. Oh Bunny - we love your diet secrets. We need a book: Bunny's Book of Diet and Fitness Secrets. Money back guaranteed. 

"Trans-Jester" runS Wednesday to Saturday at 7:00 pm until October 1 at The Stonewall Inn, 53 Christopher Street. For tickets.