Our cover model of the week, Nick Berry, talks swimming and cocktails

"I think the the most underrated workout is swimming."
March 11, 2014

One minute with Next's cover model of the week, Nick Berry.

Have you done much modeling before?
It's always something I've sort of dabbled in. 

What else do you have coming up that you're looking forward to?
We're starting to pull images of me and places for a book, kinda like a traveling piece and where I've been. I've also been looking into roles for indie films and am really excited at those prospects. 

What's your exercise routine or fitness tips?
I think the the most underrated workout is swimming. I stay very active. I play softball and dodgeball, and always find myself back in the pool. 

Do you have a favorite cocktail?
Revolver video bar sponsors my softball team and they have this frozen sangria drink that's awesome. 

What do you look for in a guy?
Someone who can evenly balance being genuine and confident. 

What was the shoot like?
Very natural. I love how these images come out. Nothing is planned there's no set up or lighting it's just organic and I think that's how it works well.