Open Road, Part 2

Standing on the roadside and sticking out your thumb is, as everyone knows, the universal signal for “Please stop so we can fuck in your car.”
January 23, 2014

Jimmy Fanz and (inset) Esteban Del Toro in Open Road, Part 2

ROD: 4/4 Splats
MANUEL: 4/4 Splats

MANUEL: Hitchhiking usually means just standing by the roadside and sticking out your thumb. But when you’re Boomer Banks, what passing motorist is even going to notice your thumb? As this Raging Stallion sequel opens, Boomer is walking along a highway lined with cornfields thumbing for a ride. The monstrous bulge down his pant leg had me thinking he must have stashed an ear of corn down his trousers. It was more than enough to convince Mike Dozer to stop and help him out.

ROD: I’d gladly take a ride from Dozer. This beefy bottom was great at taking all of Banks’ huge cock in his mouth, but that was only the beginning. When Dozer bent over and put that beefy ass in Banks’ face, I thought I was spent.

MANUEL: How better to thank the plumber who picked you up than by fucking him with his own wrench? Banks eventually replaces it with his own, bigger tool. He does a better job of topping than I’ve seen in the past, and Dozer is a very vocal bottom, taking the hard, fast pounding while saying things like “Fuck yeah, bury that cock”—a phrase I haven’t heard since my pet rooster’s funeral.

ROD: Next up is Christian Wilde, sitting in his car and looking like he’s just waiting to fuck somebody. Along comes auto mechanic Jimmy Fanz. Why Fanz would try to escape when he sees Wilde beating his meat is beyond me. Wilde doesn’t bother pulling Fanz’s pants off. He just rips a hole in them big enough for his cock to get in.

MANUEL: Poor Fanz doesn’t even get a lube job before Wilde test-drives his hole. These two don’t have much chemistry, but I enjoyed watching Fanz squat down like a crab, sit on Wilde’s sizable stick-shift, and bounce on it. With his youthful good looks and hairy chest, Fanz has a kind of man-boy appeal I love.

ROD: I’m not big on cruising bathrooms, but if I knew Mike Dozer was there showing off his plumber’s crack, I would do exactly what Tommy Defendi does and shove my face in it. Did I mention how much I love Dozer’s ass?

MANUEL: What better person to work on Defendi’s pipe as he takes a leak than Dozer, whose white-panel van says “Mike’s Plumbing, No Drips.” I suppose that’s true: Defendi doesn’t drip—he gushes! And if you like loud sex, these two loud fuckers sound like a gorilla and a grizzly bear having a growling contest. But my favorites were handsome Donnie Dean getting done by smooth, young Esteban Del Toro, an Argentinean hottie with thick, juicy lips and a talent for being a bottom who fucks like a top.

ROD: I could have spent my entire day on the bonus scene from Falcon’s Big River (1995), featuring the legendary Ken Ryker and Christian Fox, two blond boys who could not be more different: One is a mountain of a man and the other a twink waiting to get plowed!

MANUEL: After the massive and muscular Ryker strips off little Fox’s overalls and dominates his boyish hole, the innocent-looking Fox pretty much sums it up: “Holy cow.”