The Nightlife Hall of Fame

Presenting the inaugural class in our annual tribute to the influential titans of New York’s varied and historic gay scene.
August 24, 2012

There is no denying it: nightlife is at the core of gay life in New York. Though it is true the bar-and-club scene has changed drastically in the last decade—and some may argue is no longer a necessity for same-sex interaction—its creativity, adventurous spirit and inclusiveness remain at the heart of what makes being out in the Big Apple so electrifying. It is a part of our soul, a part worth documenting and a part worth honoring. That is why we have created The Nightlife Hall of Fame, to honor the legacies of gay New York’s dedicated talents who work so hard to make this city what it is.

The people on the following pages have made a substantial impact on the scene and, in turn, our lives. With their creative spirit, strong leadership and bold vision they have all transformed the culture and the spirit of nightlife for the better; each active in the scene for at least 15 years, proving their willingness to commit to the city and its people, despite its ups and downs.

The selection of the following class was by no means an easy task, with easily 100 people meeting our eligibility requirements. We look forward to inducting those others in the years to come, and sharing their legacy with our readers and the community at large. Until then, help us in celebrating the hard work of the people on the following pages, our inaugural Nightlife Hall of Fame class. They have helped make this great gay city the world’s best party for generations past, present and future.

Nightlife Hall of Fame Eligibility requirements

Next Magazine’s highly knowledgeable staff selected this year’s class based on the following requirements:
– This person must have made a permanent and substantial positive impact on New York’s gay nightlife culture.
– This person must be or have been active in New York City gay nightlife for at least 15 years. The years do not have to be consecutive.
– This person can be living or deceased. Male or female. Gay or straight.
– Nightlife involvement may include, but is not limited to: promoters, club owners, hosts, DJs, performers, dancers, designers, photographers, bartenders, publicists, artist, journalists or a combination of the above.
– There was no, nor will there be, a nomination process.