Nick Coompol & Henry Melchiona

For these two Hell’s Kitchen residents, a private ceremony at City Hall has become a year-long affair!
January 21, 2014

Nick Coompol & Henry Melchiona

Like so many gays in their late 30s, Nick Coompol met his future husband, Henry Melchiona, on the Roxy’s dance floor more than a decade ago. They’ve been inseparable ever since. “We met through a mutual friend,” Coompol, who works as a fitness trainer explains. “[We were] introduced at the Roxy almost twelve years ago,” he continues. “It was a slow burn.”

Whereas some relationships grow stale with time, Coompol and Melchiona’s has only gotten better with age. “We understand each other very well,” Coompol asserts. “Every day we learn from each other and grow closer,” he gushes. “Even after all these years I’m amazed at what we learn about each other.”

In the beginning of their relationship they tended towards the party scene. As the years passed, Coompol admits, the Hell’s Kitchen couple spent their time more intimately. “We enjoy [being] together, relaxing, watching our favorite TV series or just spending time with our friends,” Coompol says.

But when DOMA was finally struck down last summer, Melchiona knew that it was the right moment to officially tie the knot. “Henry asked me,” Coompol recalls. They then rushed down to City Hall in their freshest finery—complete with matching bowties—with two of their closest friends. “It was private with no reception afterwards,” Coompol explains. But of course, what good gay affair is complete without an order of eggs benedict and some bubbly afterward? “We did go to brunch with our best friend Hugo who was our witness at the ceremony.”

“It was smooth sailing that day,” remembers Coompol with a grin, “however, on the day we applied for the license, a straight couple approached Henry and asked if he would be their witness. The groom’s best man flaked out on them and didn’t show up.” As it turns out, they shared more than just the desire to marry the loves of their lives. “The guy’s name was Henry as well,” Coompol chuckles. “What are the chances?”

Their decision to wed so quickly and privately didn’t sit well with many of their family and friends who wanted to be able to share the moment with them, though. So, this summer they’re planning a Fire Island beach reception. “It will be fun!” Coompol exclaims.

Instead of the typical tropical honeymoon, the pair are planning to visit Coompol’s native Thailand when they finally do their post-wedding trip in April. “It will be the first time I’ve seen my family in more than 10 years.”