Next Magazine Presents The Nightlife Hall of Fame: Class of 2013

Presenting the sophomore class in our annual tribute to the influential titans of New York’s varied and historic gay scene.
August 22, 2013
We’ve never conducted an official study, but based on our experience, the average gay nightlife career is pretty short. Whether that hot guy behind the bar was working for tips in between desk jobs, or the cute go-go boy who came and went before you even knew his name was just having fun in his spare time, there’s something to be said for the people who stick around in this scene. 
The gay New York nightlife personalities whose names you know—the DJs, drag queens, promoters, performers and bar owners who make nightlife in this great city happen seven days a week—pour their hearts and souls into your good time. It can be a draining experience, but for those who enjoy it, working in gay nightlife can be absolutely magical. And the people who have spent the better part of their adult lives committed to this city’s gay scene deserve to be recognized. That’s why last year we inducted the inaugural class into our Nightlife Hall of Fame
This year, Industry, Barracuda and Elmo owner Bob Pontarelli, Splash owner Brian Landeche, drag legend Lady Bunny, master of Saturday night John Blair, DJ Fred Pierce, and the Monster’s late owner Joe Scialo are joined by the second class of nightlife heavy hitters, each of whom has been active in the scene for at least 15 years, and, with their creative spirit, strong leadership and unwavering dedication to a damn good time, has left an indelible mark on gay life in New York.  
Selecting the sophomore class in The Nightlife Hall of Fame was no easier than the first: there are dozens of eligible people who we look forward to inducting in the years to come. Until then, help us celebrate the people on the following pages. And party on!