This new short term rental service helps gay jetsetters find a friendly place to stay abroad.
February 26, 2014
(François de Landes and Matthieu Jost)
The new travel service Misterbnb (Misterbnb.com) launched six months ago with the intent to facilitate a better travel experience for jet-setting gays, but it actually came about because of a horrible one.
“I used a straight [short-term rental booking] website and had a bad experience with my boyfriend,” explains company founder Matthieu Jost. “We stayed with a straight couple and when we arrived, they didn’t realize that we were gay. So it was a bad surprise for them and they felt very uncomfortable having us stay in the room next to them,” Jost says. “We had a very bad weekend.”
When Jost got home from that awkward getaway, he immediately looked into starting a short-term rental site aimed specifically at the gay community. Misterbnb, which is based in Paris, now allows gays in 10 cities to make their apartments available to other visiting ‘mos. And if you’re looking for a place to stay, you can check out the site for apartments that you can either rent for yourself or share with a host.
“The idea is that when you’re visiting a city you get all the best advice and tips about the city’s gay scene and what to do,” explains Jost. “You can stay with the host or you can have the apartment to yourself.” They’ve also included a rating system for both hosts and travelers that you can use at the end of your trip. “Today, we have an 98 percent satisfaction rate.”
Posting your apartment on the site is free, and Jost says that he and company co-founder François de Landes have plans to expand to more international gay hotspots in the future.
“People like to have a specific experience when traveling. They are tired of staying in hotel rooms and prefer to stay in a real apartment because they can really experience the city, stay somewhere that’s well located and spend less money than [at] a hotel."