Lady Bunny's Wigstock: The Cruise Prepares To Set Sail

All aboard Bunny's cruise for misfit queens and queers!
August 09, 2016
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Lady Bunny’s Wigstock: The Cruise will set sail on its’ second voyage on Sunday, August 21 from Pier 40 on the West Side Hwy. The party was inspired by the outrageous concert and festival Bunny co-founded in 1984 that ran for twenty years. She will bring her twisted brand of comedy to the two-hour show along with co-host Linda Simpson.

We had the chance to ask Bunny some questions - from infectious diseases to why she is bringing back the cruise - our hilarious Q and A reminds us why we love her so and why we just have to get on board August 21.

Alexander Kacala: First off, how is that case of jumping scabies I gave you last time we hung out?

Lady Bunny: Raging with all the succulent juices of summer! They just called and asked if they could feature my apartment on Million Bedbug Listing. I've also got an upcoming role on America's Deadliest Snatch!

You are doing another Wigstock: The Cruise. Why?

Because last year's cruise was a riot and we would be thrilled to have the exact same people again this year. Much to our surprise, it all went without a hitch. Except for when Sweetie wore stiletto heels and punched a hole in the hull of the ship! The captain of the ship told me that sharks are repelled by loud, screechy noises. So to keep us safe, John Kelly will be singing live as Joni Mitchell on deck. Seriously, this boat has a crew of over 500 people. That's almost as big a crew as RuPaul needs to make her look like a woman! For the audience's safety, we have positioned queens with padded tits and asses to use as flotation devices. This is all still fairly new to me. I don't normally perform on boats--except for that time I borrow Peppermint's shoes.

I've noticed that as larger clubs have closed, there's more emphasis on festivals and one-off events like gay pride, circuit parties or Drag Race events. We used to go out to five clubs in one night, dressed to the nines. Now there aren't five clubs to go to! But if you get your look together, reserve the date and buy a ticket for something, then you're invested in having a good time and are more likely to. And with a world full of bombings and shootings, we could all use a wigged out, light-hearted party right about now.

What can people expect from it?

We thought that people might have forgotten about Wigstock since we took a 20 year break, but they all showed up last year in fantastic (or merely insane) costumes. Seeing performances by Wigstock regulars and hearing club classics woven in by two great DJs, Johnny Dynell and Ed Bailey, made the cruise feel like a family reunion to several generations of clubbers. When it was an outdoor festival, Wigstock was often called a hipper version of Pride. We're not ready to start up Wigstock the outdoor festival again, but this cruise enables us to get our feet wet by doing smaller events. And I'm so glad many of the performers from Wigstock's glory days are still with us and knocking them dead. Connie Fleming and Glamamore date back to the Boybar, Tabboo!, Ebony Jett, Linda Simpson Dueling Bankheads and John Kelly are from the Pyramid Club from which Wigstock sprang, and the sarcastic and hateful Linda Simpson has taken a break from her "hectic" "career" calling bingo to co-host the show with me!

It seems really really, really gay. Or is it queer? Or is it LGBTQAI?

It is so gay and so gender queer that it had had three sex changes before it even hit puberty. It's gonna be like the Ark--two L's, two Gs, two Bs, etc. Last year I think I saw two chubby Ls eating BLTs in the ladies' room. And I'm not gonna lie--it turned me on!

What are you looking most forward to?

I'm looking forward to seeing friends' faces. Actual friends, not social media acquaintances. It's summer and so many of us are living our lives behind screens. First Bowie and Prince died, then the toxic elections and Orlando shooting... I'm starting to see Facebook as a passport to death and despair for months. It's fun to fool around online but liking friend's posts can't compare to physically hanging with friends, dancing and cheering on a show. But do bring your cameras because there is tons of eye candy with Manhattan's skyline as a backdrop. And all that water makes us "girls" feel very fishy so prepare for antics! Or antiques, as they are known at my age.

Do you know how to swim?

Yes, can't you tell from my swimmer's build? Let's put it this way - I doubt if my fat ass would sink.

Is Trans-Jester coming back? It was hilarious.

Yes, baby! For the whole month of September at Stonewall. People enjoyed that twisted show so much that I'm bringing it back Wednesday to Saturdays at 7:00 pm. Can you believe they are still leaving flowers for me outside the venue?

What are your fitness and diet secrets?

You misspelled fatness. I tried crystal meth but it just made me eat faster.

And lastly, since I know you are an expert - I have an intense case of hemorrhoids right now - what do you suggest I do?

Suicide is an option. Or you could just braid them so tightly that they fall off--the same thing you did with your testicles.

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