A Kiki in a Snowstorm: Roze Black and Ernie Cote throw down at Rebel with cage dancing and reading battles

"The music is really good. The atmosphere is amazing. I just wish it was warmer!”
January 28, 2013

(Ernie Cote, Jeff Little Horse & Richert Rockit)

Friday night’s minor snowstorm couldn’t keep us away from the official launch of AntiTwink.com and Roze Black’s new weekly party, K.I.C.K.I.M., and it couldn’t keep a whole bunch of party boys and drag queens away either. 

“There is nothing quite like Friday nights at Rebel with Ernie Cote!” Misty Meaner told us. Also joining the DJ and AntiTwink.com mastermind were old school AntiTwink party regulars like Josh Applebaum, Jeff Little Horse and Richert Rockit, along with new additions like Mikey Pop, BPro (of electro duo Jonathan & BPro), Rica Shay and Mocha Lite. 

As Cote handled DJ duties in the main room, DJ Lina spun from her perch up on the balcony overlooking the club’s crimson curtained “Chandelier Room.” Westgay go-go boy-turned bartender Miguel Angel Cruz was behind the bar slinging drinks, while Jay Roth and Rowan Pierce shook it in the cages overlooking the dance floor. 

We made the round, yapping with all the usual suspects. Rica Shay, back in town after a few months on the West Coast, let us know he’ll be performing at Earl Dax’s upcoming Pussy Faggot at Public Assembly. And Ruby Roo—the club kid formerly known as “It Boy” Christopher Van Cleave—told us all about her recent “reading battle” with Kizha Carr. “We had like a huge reading battle the other day, which sparked this whole reading competition between all these drag queens on Facebook,” she said. But was there animosity involved, or was it all in good fun? “Well, I don’t know how it started, but now Kizha and I are ‘in a relationship’ on Facebook. But girls have been reading like crazy!”

Of course we had to ask Miss Roo to give us a good read on K.I.C.K.I.M. “I didn’t even know what Rebel was. But the music is really good. The atmosphere is amazing. I just wish it was warmer!”