How to Find the Best Fire Island Share

The LGBT Center’s Paul Menard on how to score a prime Fire Island share this year.
January 23, 2013

(The Fire Island Share-A-Thon in 2012)

It may seem like the cold may never subside right now, but summer months—a.k.a. Fire Island season—will be here faster than you can say “quarter share.” And at the LGBT Center’s series of 2013 Fire Island Share-A-Thons, which kick off this Monday, you may be saying “quarter share” a whole lot. At the event, which will happen again February 25, March 18 and April 17, there will be plenty of  share offerors (guys with shares to rent) and seekers (guys looking for shares to join). And, if you’re lucky, director of cultural programs  and Share-A-Thon organizer Paul Menard will even turn on the disco ball! He shared with us his tips on what and who to look for at this year’s event so that you can make the most out of the 2013 Fire Island season. —AE

Go to the Share-A-Thon
Ok, this may seem like an obvious one, but the Share-A-Thon’s really are an easy breezy way to meet a variety of folks offering shares on the island. If you’ve got a great Fire Island property and are on the hunt for the perfect renter, the Share-A-Thon is a relatively inexpensive means of getting the word out. “It’s been a center tradition for years,” Menard says. “It’s $50 per table [for offerors], and then people who are looking for shares come and it’s $10 to get in.”

Attitude, Attitude, Attitude
Whether you’re headed to the Share-A-Thon or not, nobody wants to spend a summer in paradise with a negative Nancy. “Be a happy and open person and you’ll be successful,” advises Menard. “Having a great attitude goes really far when it comes to finding a good match for a Fire Island share,” he says. “Remember: it’s for fun and a good time.”

Come Prepared
The better idea  you come to the Share-A-Thon with about what sort of experience you want to have on Fire Island next summer—and really, your share search in general—the higher the likelihood you’ll have a fantastic time. “Decide what your budget is and know what you want. Know what you’re looking for as far as the room, the property, the location, but also the sort of people you’ll be sharing with,” Menard notes. If you’re renting your property, bring photos and other materials. “Is it a party house? Is it a quiet house? Are these the type of people you see yourself spending a half share with?”

Don’t Panic
If you haven’t found your share after the first Fire Island Share-A-Thon event, don’t freak out! “Remember you will find that match. You will find the perfect match for you,” Menard reassures. And even if it’s May, you’ll be fine. “Just because it’s Memorial Day doesn’t mean it’s over.” You can also check out resources like and for more on shares and rentals.

Fire Island Share-A-Thon at The LGBT Center, 208 W 13th St (btwn Greenwich/Seventh Aves), Jan 28 from 6pm–8:30pm; $10 general admission/$50 share offeror. Visit, or for more info.