Here Is Where You Can Buy Lady Gaga's Pink Cowboy Hat That She Can't Stop Wearing

Want to dress up as Gaga for Halloween? Here is one (expensive) way.
October 06, 2016

Calling all drag queens who impersonate Gaga or crazed Little Monsters who want to dress up as her for Halloween.

Gaga's pink cowboy hat has gotten a lot of air time. Not only does she don the hat on the cover of her album Joanne, she also has been wearing it during lots of live performances and photo opts. But where can you buy it?

The hat is made by Los Angeles based millinery Gladys Tamez who handmakes lots of diffferent hat styles. The name of Gaga's is the Marianne - even though we think they should change the name to the Joanne. 

But it's a pretty penny. If you decide to fork over the cash, the hat will cost you $680 - making your next paycheck all but a perfect illusion.