Here Are 13 Pairs Of Girlfriends We Can Truly Appreciate

Our picks include YouTube personalities, an OITNB power couple, and a USWNT superstar.
October 12, 2016

After the success of last week’s National Boyfriend Appreciation Day post, we decided that for this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday we would share our favorite lesbian couples. Our picks include YouTube personalities, an OITNB power couple, and a USWNT superstar.

1) Bria Kam & Chrissy Chambers

Bria and Chrissy, self described as Youtube’s Lesbian Singing Duo, use music and comedy to promote equality and advocate for the LGBT community. With over 250 million views they have made a significant impact on LGBT youth, often reminding their viewers that they are their main inspiration in continuing their channel. They share a mix of content, ranging from heartbreaking personal stories to satirical lesbian stereotype videos. Their latest endeavor proves to be their most inspiring journey yet as they seek justice for revenge porn victims, an issue that hits close to home for the couple.

2) Rose Ellen Dix & Rosie Spaughton

Rose and Rosie are another youtube power couple. They started recording videos together at the start of their relationship back in 2012 and have since amassed a cult following within the community that has propelled them into mainstream media, winning the Celebrity Rising Star Award at the 2016 British LGBT Awards. They make mostly comedy videos and vlog often.

3) Ebony & Denise

This couple began their youtube channel back in 2011 to document their life as lesbian parents. Their channel, OliviaHas2Moms, has become an invaluable tool to not only lesbians but mothers in general in understanding the modern family dynamic.

4) Alyssa Pacheco & Sam Darling

Alyssa & Sam gained their following by documenting their relationship, starting their channel together almost immediately after they started dating. They’ve been together for almost two years and are still going strong.

5) Samira Wiley & Lauren Morelli

Though the romance between these two is nothing new, the couple has taken the next step in their relationship and just got engaged! Lauren Morelli’s name began to appear in headlines back in 2014 when she divorced her husband to begin a relationship with the OINTB star. She revealed that working as a writer on the show helped to her to understand her sexuality and gave her a comfortable space to come out. Morelli and Wiley have been together ever since and we’re excited to see what’s in store for this couple.

6) Olimpia Valli Fassi & Elliott Sailors

Elliott Sailors has become one of the world’s top androgynous models. Olimpia Valli Fassi is a graphic designer, photographer, and cinematographer.

7) Ambers Closet & Ava Pearl

Amber, of Amber’s Closet, has been a Youtuber since 2012, marketing herself as a lovable Stem (a mix between a Stud and Fem). She has developed a large following due to her wide variety of lifestyle videos touching on topics like race and gender. Recently, Amber and Ava Pearl, who previously identified as straight, have announced that they are together. This new couple will be sure to provide all of us viewers with an interesting perspective on a first time lesbian relationship.

8) Stephanie Frosch & Taylor Freeman

Stephanie Frosch, aka ElloSteph, has been in the lesbian youtube scene for sometime now. Her and girlfriend Taylor Freeman began making content together for Buzzfeed and have been together ever since.

9) Megan Rapinoe & Sera Cahoone

Megan Rapinoe is a member of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team and her fiance, Sera Cahoone, is a singer-songwriter.

10) Ellen Page & Samantha Thomas

Everyone knows Ellen Page, but what about Samantha Thomas? The Hollywood Star says she is in love with Thomas, a successful artist and laidback surfer. The two make an adorable couple and are each other’s number one supporters.     

11) Domo & Crissy

Domo & Crissy are a young, lesbian couple that is now pregnant! Domo is expecting their first child, Domonic, and they’ve chronicled their journey for us all to see.

12) Jade & Vanessa

Jade has been producing comedic content on Youtube since 2009. Her and her girlfriend Vanessa continue to make comedic videos and vlogs together.

13) GiGi Gorgeous & Natalia Williams

Celebrity Youtuber GiGi Gorgeous recently came out as a lesbian and has been open about her budding relationship with Natalia Williams, creator of the fashion label Strike Oil.

Who did we miss? Tell us in the comments.