Here Are 12 Pairs Of Boyfriends We Can Truly Appreciate On National Boyfriend Appreciation Day

Actually, eleven couples and one throuple.
October 03, 2016
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I am probably one of the most single people in the world. 

So when I found out today was National Boyfriend Appreciation Day, I immediately reached for the razors. No - not to slit my wrists,  but to trim my overgrown body hair in hopes of actually attracting a mate sometime in the near future.
After my journey into the jungles of my body hair, I decided to turn my skepticism and bitterness into something a tad more positive. While I am still really single, here are 12 pairs of gay boyfriends who are so not single. Some of them are so in love, they have actually taken the plunge and gotten married.
From party promoters to drag queens to ballet boys to fashion designers, we list 11 couples and one throuple who have earned our appreciation on National Boyfriend Appreciation Day. Even I almost vomited right there.

1. Christopher Joseph Borgione and Zack Gottlieb

2. Seth Fornea, Jared Bradford, and David Emmanuel

3. Bradford Shane Shellhammer and Georgi Balinov

4. Kit Williamson and John Halbach

5. Michael Breeden and Neil Marshall

6. Edward Carrington and Juan Mejia

7. Victor Borbolla and Javi Perez

8. Reed Luplau and Ricky Ubeda

9. Jonathan Lewis and Tim Dejsiriudom 

10. Dan Welden and Brian Rafferty

11. Alvaro Masa and David Mason

12. Ken Atwood and Chavis Aaron

Who did we miss? Tag your favorite couple in the comments.