The Hanging Garden, Thoreau in Love, The Red Shoes

Further gay reading for Pride month.
June 12, 2013
Over twenty years since its author’s death comes the publication of The Hanging Garden (Picador), the posthumously-discovered novel by late gay Australian writer Patrick White. Following the intertwined fates of two children displaced to Australia by WWII, White’s final work is an elegant, exquisitely wrought examination of the loneliness of childhood and a particular moment in Australian history. White suggests—but never reveals—that his male protagonist will, like him, grow up to be gay. 
In this historical novel, John Schuyler Bishop takes a 250-page gap in rumored-to-be-queer thinker Henry David Thoreau’s actual diary and lets his imagination run wild to fill it. The missing pages comprise a 25-year-old Thoreau’s six-month stay in New York in 1843, where Bishop envisions Thoreau falling madly in love with a much younger man. Thoreau in Love (CreateSpace) will appeal to fans of literary history, romance and, of course, Thoreau.
John Stewart Wynne’s The Red Shoes (Magnus Books) is the latest take on the Hans Christian Andersen story that has inspired numerous films and one spectacular Kate Bush album. Wynne’s version finds John Laith mourning the death of his partner—until he encounters a handsome young dancer new to New York, whose red shoes have gotten him nothing but trouble.