Guess Who's in Our Sophomore Class of the Next Magazine Nightlife Hall of Fame

It's a closely guarded secret!
August 21, 2013

Last year, we inducted the inaugural class into our annual Nightlife Hall of Fame, honoring the denizens of the night who'd spent more than 15 years making the gay nightlife scene in New York what it is today. Bob Pontarelli, Brian Landeche, John Blair, Lady Bunny, Fred Pierce and the late Joe Scialo were the first six members of our community immortalized in the 2012 class.

This year, while shooting the feature, we snapped some behind the scenes shots of the second round of inductees. Can you guess who we're honoring this year? Take a look at the photos below, make your guess and make sure to keep your eye out for this Friday's issue!  

Who could this well-known, funky-tied nightlife personality be?

Who do you think this pair of nightlife impersarios could be? Look at those walls, hunty!


Face and body!

Our fantastic photographer, Kevin Thomas Garcia, hard at work.

Can you guess who this Chelsea nightlife denizen is?

Work that wig, mama!