Girl Goes On Homophobic Tirade Outside Stage 48 (Video)

This was messy.
September 17, 2016
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While attendees were lining up Thursday night for a special LGBT centric fashion week event featuring a presentation by BCALLA and performance by Shangela, a girl named Bianca went on a crazed homophobic tirade. Drag queen Yuhua Hamasaki filmed part of the fighting. 

The girl started by loudly calling everyone standing outside "faggotrons" and that we needed to be exploded. A bouncer began filming her, and that is when she slapped the phone out of his hand. Yuhua began filming, which then upset her even more. She twice tried assaulting the phone out of her hands to no avail.

After Yuhua went inside, the girl continued to yell at patrons. Some of her rants included that we "should go suck dicks" and that she "sucks dick better than you do".

The cops were called but showed up a minute or two after her friends finally pulled her into a cab.

Watch the crazed encounter below:

Yuhua wrote:

This young lady harassed the LGBT community outside of Stage 48 last night before the doors were opened, where a huge LGBT event was happening. I had drag queen models walking in my runway show last night and she didn't like what she saw outside of the venue. Nobody said anything to her but she started she to call everyone names that were waiting in line to get in, as well as the performers. She refused to leave the premises, and also mentioned how we need to be exploded. Though I do give her friend props for putting up with her the rest of the night. (At 1:33 into the video I had to pause for a second to turn on the flash on my phone). Can we find her and educate her? This is not the America I know. If you don't like something, then don't be part of it but don't look down on other people's differences.