Ginger's Bar

This accountant found a welcoming energy and a mixed crowd at this Park Slope dive bar.
February 12, 2014

(Daniel Drake)

“When i moved to New York, I spent my first few months in an overpriced hovel a few blocks south of Ginger’s Bar (363 Fifth Ave,, and it was real nice to find a cheapish, dive-y gay bar that was basically on my walk home from the subway. I loved it for more than it’s convenience, though. Ginger’s reminded me a lot of the homey gay and lesbian bars that crop up in the middle of working class neighborhoods in Chicago, where I’m from. They always decorate for the season—sparkly red tinsel for Valentine’s Day, possibly reused on the Fourth of July—they have goofy shot specials and the crowd, which is pleasantly sparse on a weekday, is that rare thing: all ages, all genders and why are you talking to me if you’re not buying my beer?" —Daniel Drake, 28-year-old accountant residing in Bed-Stuy