Facing Winter

The gay and gay-friendly products to use when Jack Frost gets a little too nippy.
January 23, 2014

Daily Moisturizing Lotion and Sunscreen by Turo, Facial Fuel by Kiehl's and Advanced Face Lotion by Menscience Androceuticals

Get a face-full of Arctic wind coming off the Hudson River and suddenly winter in New York isn’t quite so poetic. The cold months can really do a real number on the dimples, so it’s more important than ever to invest in a good lotion. Here are a few suggestions to keep your tender flesh looking fresh.

Bear Butter

By Dirty Boyz Play Clean, DirtyBoyzPlayClean.com

You can’t beat the gay cred: Seeing a dearth of homocentric skin care, company founder Linda Jacubus created Dirty Boyz Play Clean solely for boys who like boys. She even debuted her products at the 2010 International Mister Leather.

“It was flying off the shelves!” recalls Jakubus. “It was crazy!”

Among the most popular products is Bear Butter, Dirty Boyz’s premier moisturizer. Thick, creamy and greaseless, it features 12 percent organic shea butter and the added kick of dimethicone, one of the best skin protectants on the market.

“It’s made for really dry skin,” says Jakubus. “It is very robust; it’s got a lot of power to create a barrier and let chapped skin heal.”

Daily Moisturizing Lotion and Sunscreen

By Turo, TuroSkin.com

“The idea of Turo,” says John D. Renucci MD FACS, founder and CEO of Turo Skin, “is to keep a man in his normal routine—shaving, moisturizing—while maximizing his skin care.”

Made for the no-fuss guy, the for-men-only Turo Daily Moisturizing Lotion is a multitasker. “It has natural retinoids to stimulate anti-aging, skin brighteners, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and soothing agents,” Renucci says. “All while protecting you from the sun.”

Sun? It may be lower in the sky, but during winter our star is still radiating UV rays as much as in summer, and we all know what those can do. Men get skin cancer at twice the rate of women, so a little more protection won’t hurt anybody.

Facial Fuel

By Kiehl’s, 678 Ninth Ave, Kiehls.com

Working with the Ali Forney Center, Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, Dan Savage’s It Gets Better and others, it’s safe to say Kiehl’s is gay-friendly. The company’s out president Chris Salgardo was even the NYC Pride Grand Marshal in 2012. Now with an HK outlet, Kiehl’s ol’ stand-by Facial Fuel is still one of their best products.

“Men have thicker, coarser, more oily skin in general,” says vice president of PR Lauren Rodolitz. “This means their skin has specific needs.”

So for us brutes, Kiehl’s non-greasy “facial recovery accelerator” livens things up with caffeine to increase microcirculation. Bolstered by vitamin C and E, chestnut extract and soy, it’ll waken tired-looking skin and improve its look and texture, leaving your skin refueled, re-energized and revitalized.

Advanced Face Lotion

By Menscience Androceuticals, 239 Lafayette St, MenScience.com

Their flagship may be in über-trendy NoHo, but MenScience Androceuticals is about as un-precious as you can get.

“That’s part of the appeal,” observes Lillian Fonticoba, director of retail and customer relations. “It’s for men who want to see results, not fancy packaging.”

And that forthright philosophy goes double for the Advanced Face Lotion moisturizer. High-end but no-frills, it boasts an ultra-light, oil-free formulation that completely absorbs with a non-greasy matte finish. Winter-worn skin is rejuvenated, made supple, and gently smoothed thanks to a balance of hyaluronic acid, glycerin, green tea and alpha hydroxy acids.