Fabulous Façadomy

House of Ladosha gets in on print media.
June 01, 2016
House of Ladosha
There are a few things you can count on the House of Ladosha for: a slew of looks, a raging party, provocative exhibits and now, a magazine to challenge and redefine the way we understand gender. Behind the in-progress glossy is General Rage, AKA Riley Hooker AKA one of the main brains of the House. Back in February, we caught up with the gaggy clan at BHQF for the opening of their exhibition, "This is Ur Brain" and now the kids have been cooking up a new magazine called Façadomy.
With a kickstarter campaign that's raising coins for the cause, Rage and company plan to make reading sexy again with the first issue, Gender Talents. "It’s very sexy to be informed, and to fight for the rights of the LGBT community that are still very much in the margins" Hooker explained. "This is something that I think is lacking among gay men, especially white gay men. The veil of privilege can be such a regressive thing."
With gender taking center stage in mainstream media over the last few years, Hooker insists that visibility is not the only answer to a deeper understanding. "Waving your finger and screaming 'YAAAAASSSSSS' is cute but it is not enough. You can’t understand the nuances of adversity that people outside of the gender majorities face unless you really engage with them, get to know them on a personal level," the budding publisher told us. With a group of creatives as diverse as Ladosha, Hooker's point rings especially true.
As for how the name came about, Hooker explained, "I misunderstood someone on a noisy train and thought they said “Façadomy,” when really they were saying “Façadery.”As a word it’s performative, and it gave me permission to connect a lot of my interests and to break a certain logic of interior/exterior." Using the play on words to point to the superficiality of one's exterior, the magazine also aims to explore questions of deep-rooted desires and their roles in society.
When asked what to expect from the dynamic House of LaDosha, Riley shared some previews with us about things to come. "The House of LaDosha proper (CUNTY + LA’FEM) will also be giving their first public performance in a really long time at an upcoming warm-up at MoMA PS1 this summer," Hooker told us. 

Help bring Façadomy to life and visit facadomy.org.