Eddie Black & Andreas Schönagel

For this transatlantic Brooklyn couple, nightlife played an important role in finding true happiness.
September 26, 2013
Eddie Black & Andreas Schönagel
Gay New York is a notoriously difficult environment in which to find true love. In gay New York nightlife sometimes it seems practically impossible. But despite every jaded queen in Hell’s Kitchen, there are actually quite a few real life romancesin which the grooms-to-be found each other in a dark, seedy bar, dancing to ear-throbbing beats at three in the morning. 
Eddie Black and Andreas Schönagel are one such couple. “We met at mr. Black when it was moved to Room Service in Gramercy,” Black recalls fondly. Black had long been involved in the gay nightlife scene in New York, first at mr. Black in the mid-aughts and later with a laid-back Sunday afternoon party at Nowhere with Matt Bell called Sunday Funday, and as luck would have it, the night that the two met was the first night Schönagel, who originally hails from Hamburg, Germany, went out after moving to New York. “So, yes,” Blacksays, “nightlife had a lot to do with how we met.”
After just six months of dating—before marriage equality had passed in New York—Black decided that it was time to pop the question while the two were in Hamburg. “I proposed to him the first time I went to visit him in Germany,” he notes. But despite the whirlwind courtship, they opted for a long engagement. “We were engaged for about three and a half years,” Black says. That gave them plenty of time to get to know each other—but between Schönagel’s job as a hair and makeup artist and Black’s work as the HIV testing program manager at AIDS Healthcare Foundation, there wasn’t a whole lot of time to plan. “We only had about two weeks to plan the wedding,” Black says. ”We both agreed on a small ceremony.” 
Speaking of the nuptials, they kept things uniquely New York for that as well. “We [had] the ceremony and reception at our apartment,” Black says. That might seem like cramped quarters for some, but they looked forward to the intimacy of the affair. “Around 50 guests, standing room only, and our office [was] turned into a dining room.” 
And what would the gay New York wedding of two guys who met at a mr. Black party be without a bit of boogie once the nuptials are completed? “After that we headed to the Spank party to dance to the major beats of DJs Will Automagic and Sean B!” Black enthuses.
He says that you too can have a fabulous wedding in your apartment—it’s all about knowing the right people. “If anyone needs wedding planners, I totally recommend One-Half Nelson and Erickatoure Aviance, hands down!” Black gushes. “They are absolutely fabulous.” 
As the Germans would say, “Prost!”