Bob The Drag Queen's Mother Wounded By Stray Bullet

We are so glad she is alright.
October 12, 2016
bob the drag queen mom

This is scary. 

Earlier this week, Bob The Drag Queen's mother was hit by a stray bullet between the eyes while sitting in her parked car, with her grandson watching the whole ordeal.

He posted an article about the incident on his Facebook page with this caption:

Gun violence had never been this close to me. This is where I am from. The woman hit by the stray bullet in this story is my mother. My nephew was in the car and had to witness his grandmother covered in blood. (She fine. Her injuries are minor) GA is an open carry state. This gun may have been obtained legally. Because of lax gun laws my mother was shot. The bullet hit her right between the eyes, and it's a miracle that she's not only alive, but able to go home after a few stitches. WE NEED TO REFORM GUN LAWS. This could have been you, or worse this could have been your mother.

Bob's mom is going to be OK, and Bob wrote on Twitter she "wants to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and energy."