7 Ways Lady Gaga's New Ballad "Million Reasons" Should Be Consumed

What do you think about the new track?
October 06, 2016
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Lady Gaga performed at a dive bar last night in Nashville, and during her set she unveiled three new songs from her highly anticpated album Joanne that drops October 21. One of the tracks, "Million Reasons", was officially released today. We are loving the song ourselves, and decided to envision exactly where and when this country ballad should be consumed. 

Here are seven of those fantasies. 

1. While having sex in the back of your dad's Volvo station wagon after watching The Notebook with your ex-boyfriend. The person you're having sex with isn't your ex-boyfriend. He just looks like him. Sort of. 


2. At Lilith Fair.


3. At a farm stand selling organic jams, weavings, and hemp lotions in rural Pennsylvania. And by rural Pennsylvania we mean West Philly. 


4. While eating a vegan bacon cupcake at that new coffee shop in that "up and coming neighborhood" and reading the latest issue of Hello Mr. that you won't actually buy.


5. Getting stoned on the floor of your friend's studio/workshop/recording studio/ terrarium green house in Bushwick before going to Metropolitan for the Harry Potter edition of Alotta Trivia.


6. During karaoke at that smokey dive bar that serves the best buffalo wings in the city that makes your cable-knit pug sweater smell like smoke for days. 


7. In a drum circle at Prospect Park on a Sunday after you've waited in line for Ramen Burger for an hour.


8. After your best friend who hates Gaga brings up that you have been obsessing over a song's message that actually came out in 1996 when Tracy Chapman released "Gimme One Reason" and you have to proove them wrong by comparing the two lyric by lyric. You lose.


Take a listen to the ballad below and tell us what we missed: