5 Ways To Lose Weight Without Dieting

You can still change things up without adding the dreaded "diet" word.
October 18, 2016

When hearing the word “diet,” many of us get immediately turned off. Dieting is often perceived as no longer having the ability to enjoy the foods we love while simultaneously starving ourselves. The truth is, you don't necessarily have to go on any diet to lose weight, and you may only need to make some modifications to your lifestyle.

1.         Portion Control - On average, portion sizes in America are far larger than other places in the world. We eat in excess and wash it down with sugary oversized beverages. This is not only a road to obesity, it’s a drain on your wallet. As a general rule, I cut everything in half when I dine out. I save half for later in the day or the following day. Also, instead go getting a large soda, I’ll get the small or medium. This is not dieting, this is changing your behavior. I’m not tell you that you cannot enjoy the foods you love, I’m telling you that you probably eat too much of it and need to cut back.

2.         Timing is everything - When you eat is also a factor. I tend to go for my least healthy food choices in the morning and make healthier choices as the day progresses. This way I have more time to burn off calories and can still enjoy that donut at Dunkin. You also don't want to eat close to bedtime. Our metabolism slows down when we sleep, so having a calorie loaded meal right before bed is not going to help your waistline.

3.         Have more sex - Aside from the many health benefits of having sex, according to Men’s Health, “a raucous romp uses about 5 METs (metabolic equivalents), a system for gauging the intensity of physical activity. For example, a 190-pound man would burn 413 calories in an hour of vigorous sexual activity.” Read about some of the other benefits of having sex in “6 Health Benefits to Having Sex.”

4.         Skip the taxi or the train - Walking is what humans were designed to do. Not sit and be transported places. I understand not everyone is physically capable, but those who are, get off your ass and walk instead of taking the easy way.

5.         Get out of your apartment - Go do something! Why are you staying inside all day watching TV and being antisocial? Go out and enjoy NYC. There are a lot of free things to do if money is an issue. By being active, you will naturally burn more calories and not be forced on any restrictive diet.

There are additional ways to further your weight loss journey, such as making healthy food choices. There’s no excuse to eat poorly when there are so many healthy places to eat in Manhattan. Eva’s Kitchen is an example of one of my favorites. Try replacing your daily takeout with an option from here.

All things considered our behaviors are often a major factor in weight challenges. Changing those behaviors can create dramatic and last results. You just have to be willing to put forth some effort.

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