2012 Guide to Personal Style

Forget the tents. New York’s real fashion show happens everyday on the streets of New York.
September 07, 2012

Forget the tents. New York’s real fashion show happens everyday on the streets of New York. So we chatted up six fashion-industry professionals—and one mustachioed rocker—about how they create their style. Feel free to steal their ideas with abandon.

Jeffrey Goldstein

48 • Crafty • Artisan • Transvestite
Owner, Label New York (LabelNewYork.com) Hell’s Kitchen

Schooling: Fashion Institute of Technology
Morning routine: 10 minutes
Favorite store: “The Starting Line (180 Eighth Ave, TheStartingLineNYC.com). I help them do the buying and work there part time. It’s very relaxed.”

Shopping Secret?
“I go everywhere from Saks (611 Fifth Ave, SaksFifthAvenue.com) to Kmart (770 Broadway, 250 W 34th St, KMart.com)

Most common misconception in being “stylish”:
“Following trends and covering oneself in name brands makes an individual look insecure and foolish. Paying to advertise for a brand is being brainwashed.”

Hair: Manhattan Barber Shop (261 W 21st St, 212-367-2009)
Hat: Bought at FineAndDandyShop.com. “Really upstanding guys.”
Scarf: Bought at Label New York (LabelNewYork.com). “I just started dying silk and rayon scarves. I’m having a great time.”
Shirt: Label New York at Flying A (169 Spring St, FlyingANYC.com)
Jacket: Gap (various locations, Gap.com). “This is a hand-me-down from an old roommate. I painted on gesso, then fabric paint.”
Pants: Union, bought from The Starting Line (180 Eighth Ave, TheStartingLineNYC.com).
Bag: Homemade. “I make half of what I wear. I really don’t like to sew but bags are easy.”
Shoes: Converse, bought at the Starting Line. “Had to have them. I like a little bling. Makes me feel like Dorothy.”

Jeff Poulin

32 • Anarchic • Corrosive • Timeless
Designer/Creator of Thou Art Uncouth (ThouArtUncouth.com), Williamsburg via Rhode Island

Schooling: Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising
Morning routine: 20 minutes
Favorite store: “Metropolis (43 Third Ave, MetropolisVintageOnline.com) “It’s an incredible resource for good, inexpensive vintage and new designer pieces.”

New York's Shopping Secret?
“Has to be sample sales. If you can be somewhere in Soho at a moment’s notice, handle fighting for a jacket to the death, and quick changing in front of perfect strangers, you should be looking at sample sales.”

Earing: Thou Art Uncouth ‘hairring’ earring. “Human hair, colored with Jerome Russell colored hair spray in yellow and pink.”
Brooch: Thou Art Uncouth ‘Le Raptoir’ cameo-inspired Velociraptor brooch. “Push the limits of what you think is appropriate. If you don’t feel a little bit scared to walk out of the house, you’re not doing it right.”
Necklace: Thou Art Uncouth “Fancy Tranny” nameplate necklace (ThouArtUncouth.com). “I make the things I can’t afford. I look at designers I really enjoy and making my own version of it.”
Top skirt: Bespoken dress shirt by Janine Giorgenti (BestCustomShirt.com). “The length of this shirt was actually a customization mistake that turned out awesome.”
Bag: Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo Tote Bag bought at Antiques Garage flea market (112 W 25th St, HellsKitchenFleaMarket.com). “[Pay] attention to discount sites like Gilt or Hautelook. I just picked up a $700 trench coat for about $150 and new boots for about $59.”
Ring: Gold-plated rhinestone-studded talon ring bought on EBay.com
Gloves: LaCrasia ‘bikini’ style fingerless glovelet (LacrasiaGloves.com)
Shoes: Black leather zip boots bought at Aldo (various locations, AldoShoes.com) “Find and work around an awesome staple. As long as the cut is contemporary and flattering, you can build everything around it.”

Barret Wertz

30 • Relaxed • Nautical • Preppy
Freelance Fashion Stylist/Market Editor, East Village via Roanoke, VA

Schooling: Self-taught
Morning routine: One hour
Favorite store: “I love Save Khaki (327 Lafayette St, SaveKhaki.com) for button-down shirts. Exactly my style.“

Shopping Secret?
“Between-season department store shopping.”

Hair: Heart (HeartHairAndMakeup.com)
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviators, bought from Gilt.com. “I grew up with this style of sunglasses. I’ll try new shapes and colors here and there, but I always come back.”
Skin: Sisley Eye Mask eye cream and Kiehl’s Facial Fuel moisturizer, bought from Bloomingdale’s 59th Street and Kiehl’s East Village (109 Third Ave, Kiehls.com)
Shirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs Plaid Shirt (382 Bleecker St, MarcJacobs.com). “[I] pair samples I’ve been gifted with low cost store items and splurge mainly on the classics that I can keep for years.”
Sweater: FW12 Burberry Brit Sweater (131 Spring St, 9 E 57th St, Burberry.com). “Not something I would normally gravitate towards but I kind of fell in love with it instantly.”
Underwear: Calvin Klein, bought from Gilt.com. “I always wear CK briefs. Nothing else is the same.”
Belt: Hermes, bought from Gilt.com. “Love the red buckle in the classic Hermes H. Never out of style.”
Pants: Dockers Alpha Slim Fit Khaki (Dockers.com). “Best-fitting slim chino I have found. I am obsessed with every color of these pants.”
Watch: Rolex, bought from Rolex store Milan (Rolex.com)
Socks: Red socks, bought from Uniqlo. “Be yourself and know what works for your body. Don’t try too hard to fit a trend or a look. Buy what you like and eventually it will all come together. And ask your friends in fashion for advice.”
Shoes: Bed|Stü (BedStu.com). “Awesome and comfortable shoes and boots that are affordable.”

Marcos Chin

37 • Playful • Individual • Informal
Adjunct Instructor at School of Visual Arts, East Williamsburg via Toronto, Canada

Schooling: Ontario College of Art
Morning routine: 20 minutes
Favorite store: Odin (199 Lafayette St, 328 E 11th St, OdinNewYork.com)

Easiest Way To Have Good Style?
“Although style appears on the surface, the way to pull it off is confidence in what you’re wearing.“

Skin: The Moisture Magnet by Mario Badescu, bought from Miomia (318 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg, ShopMiomia.com)
Necklace: Lynn Ban, bought from Kirna Zabete (96 Greene St, KirnaZabete.com)
Shirt: Yee Yee by Marcos Chin (ShopYeeYee.com). “My modified cut, sewn and printed T-shirts handmade in Brooklyn.”
Jacket: A.P.C. (131 Mercer St, 267 W Fourth St, USOnline.APC.fr). “I rarely plan to shop. My best purchases have happened spontaneously while I’m walking around the city.”
Ring: Tom Binns, bought from Odin. “I make sure to wear at least one accessory that is fun and playful.”
Ring: Tiffany (97 Greene St, 37 Wall St, 727 Fifth Ave, Tiffany.com)
Pants/Shorts: Toddland (Toddland.com)
Socks: American Apparel (various locations, AmericanApparel.net)
Shoes: Bosi, bought in Bogotá, Colombia (MyBosi.com). “I never shop for an entire look, but buy individual clothing [pieces] that play off of each other to create a wardrobe that evolve over time.”

Edward Fong

30 • Minimal • Classic • Edgy
Fashion Designer, Astoria, Queens

Schooling: Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
Morning routine: 30 minutes

Shopping Secret?
“You never know what you can find if you don’t take a deeper look in the racks.”

How Do You Stay Fashionable On A Budget?
“Not everything needs to be a designer label. You can get your basics at Uniqlo (546 Broadway, 31 W 34th St, 666 Fifth Ave, Uniqlo.com), Club Monaco (various locations, ClubMonaco.com), H&M (Various Locations, HM.com) or J. Crew (Various Locations, JCrew.com).”

Skin: Malin+Goetz face moisturizer bought from C.O. Bigelow (414 Sixth Ave, BigelowChemists.com)
Sunglasses: Henry Holland for Le Specs Sunglasses bought from MonocleOrder.com
Hair: Cut by Christopher Nardi at Moustache Greenwich Tonsorial (55 Greenwich Ave, MoustacheUSA.com). “Very old-fashioned-like barber shop with vintage Emil J. Paidar barber chairs and while you wait they serve you bourbon or beer.”
Shirt: Uniqlo Undercover. “I get my basics for a lower price point and what’s great about Uniqlo is that they do great collaborations.”
Coat: Barneys New York (660 Madison Ave, Barneys.com). “I love the shape of this coat; it’s minimal and classic.”
Brooch: Mirror brooch (StudioDong.com). “Gift from artist who also makes custom jewelry.”
Wallet: Helmut Lang Wallet, bought from Helmut Lang (93 Mercer St, 230 Columbus Ave, 755 Madison Ave, HelmutLang.com). “This wallet brings back a sense of nostalgia for me of the old Helmut brand and store, which was one of my favorites.”
Ring: Christian Dior Stud Ring (Dior.com)
Jeans: Them, bought at Oak (28 Bond St, 55 Nassau Ave Williamsburg, OakNYC.com). “A store that has a great range of labels and price points if you are looking for an aesthetic with some edge, from affordable to designer.”
Shoes: Dr. Martens Harlens (DMUSAStore.com)

Fahrd Foste

30 • Tonal • Torn • Contradictory
Senior Designer at Hawke & Co. (HawkeAndCo.com), Bushwick via Pennsylvania

Schooling: Parsons School of Design
Morning routine: 25-30 minutes
Favorite store: Barneys (660 Madison Ave, Barneys.com). “By far they have the best men’s selection of shoes.”

Shopping Secret?
“Shop on a Tuesday because the masses aren’t out yet.”

How Do You Stay Fashionable On A Budget?
“H&M can be your best friend.”

Hair: Cut by Ray at Da Barber Shop (676 Onderdonk Ave, Ridgewood, 718-417-6358)
Harness and bag: Fahrd Fosté
Shirt: Perry Ellis, bought from Century 21 (22 Cortlandt St, 1972 Broadway, C21Stores.com)
Jacket: Rick Owens, bought from Barneys (660 Madison Ave, Barneys.com)
Underwear: Calvin Klein Steel, bought from Century 21. “Sometimes it’s all about the undergarments. The right T-shirt or socks can pull it all together. Keep it simple; Clean lines with monochromatic color combos go a long way."
Pants: Ralph Lauren Black Label, bought from Ralph Lauren (various locations, RalphLauren.com). “I designed these.”
Ring: Vintage find in Pennsylvania. “Vintage shopping in the outer boroughs you can find those key designer pieces for less.”
Shoes: Adidas, bought from Foot Locker (various locations, FootLocker.com)